Lord of the Rings Trilogy Armour Design Co-Ordinator
& Extras Co-Ordinator


Lord of the Rings Trilogy

  The Fellowship of the Ring
–  The Two Towers
–  The Return of the King

My initial involvement with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was as Hero Armour Design Co-Ordinator at Weta Workshops working with Richard Taylor. I spent nine months there developing chain mail and armour accessories for the hero dwarf, Gimli, and various dwarf extras. I also oversaw the production of armour dealing with blacksmiths, sculptors, leather workers and general technicians.

I then moved to the costume department as Extras Co-Ordinator where I co-ordinated the design and manufacture of around 2000 costumes. I realized and styled the large groups of individual background civilian extras and oversaw the ageing and establishing of these costumes onset, with the exception of the elves and the hobbits.

Ngila Dickson and Richard Taylor received an Academy Award for Best Costume Design for the second film “The Two Towers”.